Accurate & Hassle-Free Course Translation

Our translation service localizes custom or existing courses into a target language,
so that your entire workforce can effectively participate in critical training,
regardless of their location and native language.

A Sample of Our Work

We understand the complexities of delivering technical training to a global life
science audience and are here to guide you every step of the way.

The Fundamentals of Good Manufacturing Practices - Spanish

The Fundamentals of Good Laboratory Practices - Japanese

How it works?

Step 1

Creation of Master Course Document

Our first step is to collaborate with you to finalize the master course document, which includes the approved course manuscript (the spoken part of the course), as well as the on-screen content for the course.

For example, you may want to incorporate your organization’s specific policies and procedures into particular parts of the course. Or, perhaps you have new slides you’d like to add. This step in the process is a chance for your team to review the course contents, make any necessary edits, and approve the final version we’ll use as the master course document for translation purposes.

Step 2

Translation of Master Course Document

After you approve the master course document, our team will begin translating the entire course, including the course manuscript, on-screen graphics, and quizzes, into the target language.

During this process, our experienced translators, linguists, and subject matter experts work to convert the content in the source language (typically English) into the target language.

Once the translation process is complete, we deliver the newly translated master course document for your team’s review and approval. Based on your feedback, we make any necessary adjustments to the document and finalize it.

Client case study

Find out how we helped a global pharmaceutical manufacturer meet global standards through a harmonized training approach
Step 3

Voice Over Production

Once we receive approval of your course translation, one of our voice over artists will record your course in the new language, and our experts will review it for accuracy. The sound quality of our voice overs is impeccable, both in terms of artist’s voice tone and the actual recording itself being free of sound imperfections.

Our voice over artists are native speakers of the language with regionally “neutral” accents, meaning that to the native ear, they’ll have an undetectable accent and will sound extremely natural. In addition, they’re intimately familiar with the technical, medical, and scientific terminology often used in our courses. So, you’ll never have to worry about speaking errors or mispronounced words in your courses.

Step 4

Translated Course Assembly and Delivery

Once the course is translated and voice overs are recorded, the instructional design team recreates the course in the new language. First, we import the voice overs and text in the translated language. Next, we adjust the on-screen animations as needed so they enter and exit at appropriate times to ensure smooth delivery of the newly translated course. When the course is assembled, we complete our final reviews.

Step 5

Client Review and Delivery of Final Source Files

In the final step of the translation project process, we’ll upload the newly translated course to our LMS, and you’ll have a chance to conduct a final review of the course and request any final edits.

Next, we’ll make the requested adjustment. Once you are satisfied with the final version of the course, and have given your approval, we’ll deliver the final source files to you. At this point, your course is ready to test and implement across your organization.

Of course, we’re here to assist in any way we can as you deploy your newly translated course!

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