Processing Personal Data

Any and all personal data collected by the Company is collected in order to ensure that the Company can provide the best possible service to its customers, and can work effectively with its partners, associates and affiliates and efficiently manage its employees, contractors, agents and consultants. The Company may also use personal data in meeting certain obligations imposed by law.

Personal data may only be disclosed within the Company to authorised persons, provided such disclosure complies with this Policy. Personal data may be passed from one department to another in accordance with the data protection principles and this Policy. Under no circumstances will personal data be passed to any department or any individual within the Company that does not reasonably require access to that personal data with respect to the purpose(s) for which it was collected and is being processed. In particular, the Company shall ensure that:

1. All personal data collected and processed for and on behalf of the Company by any party is collected and processed fairly and lawfully;
2. Data subjects are always made fully aware of the reasons for the collection of personal data and are given details of the purpose(s) for which the data will be used;
3. Personal data is only collected to the extent that is necessary to fulfil the purpose(s) for which it is required;
4. All personal data is accurate at the time of collection and kept accurate and up to date while it is being held and/or processed;
5. No personal data is held for any longer than necessary in light of the purpose(s) for which it is required;
6. All personal data is held in a safe and secure manner, as detailed in Part 6 of this Policy, taking all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the data;
7. All personal data is transferred securely, whether it is transmitted electronically or in hard copy.
8. No personal data is transferred outside of the European Economic Area (as appropriate) without first ensuring that the destination country offers adequate levels of protection for personal data and the rights of data subjects; and
9. All data subjects can fully exercise their rights with ease and without hindrance.