Equal Opportunities Policy

Learnaboutgmp is committed to policies and practices that provide equality of opportunity for all, to protect the dignity of employees and volunteers and promote respect for others at work. All employees/volunteers are required to take personal and individual responsibility to comply with these policies in order to ensure they behave in a nondiscriminatory way, and do not participate in any acts of inappropriate behaviour, harassment or bullying.

The organisation is committed to a policy of equal opportunities in employment/volunteering. All employment/volunteering decisions (ie. the recruitment and selection, promotion, training and development, and treatment of all individuals) in the organisation are based on merit, abilities, suitability, and qualifications.

The company will not tolerate discrimination, bullying, harassment or sexual harassment by one employee/volunteer or group of employees/volunteers against another or others for any reason.

Discrimination is defined as the treatment of a person in a less favourable manner than another person is, has or would have been treated, on any of the nine grounds listed below. Discrimination can also be taken to have occurred
when a person is treated less favourably by virtue of their association with a person who is a member of one of these nine groups.

No employment practices, treatment or decisions will be influenced or affected by an employee’s/volunteer’s or potential employee’s/volunteer’s:

  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Family Status
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religious belief or lack of religious belief
  • Age (16+)
  • Disability or the nature of disability
  • Race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin
  • Membership of the Traveller community