The Importance of Contamination Control

The Importance of Contamination Control

Contamination is a serious concern for the pharmaceutical industry.

It might seem obvious that contamination of products is something that should be prevented, but it might not be clear why it’s so important to prevent contamination.

If our product is contaminated and given to a patient, the patient may react to the contamination by developing a fever, becoming severely ill, or even dying. And this isn’t just hypothetical – Medicinal product contamination leading to illness and death has happened numerous times throughout history.

Additionally, it is a serious threat to our company’s reputation and success.

Product contamination can lead to costly product recalls, resulting in financial losses, company reputation damage, loss of product sales, decreased customer confidence, and in many cases, legal proceedings.

These are all reasons why it’s important to know the risk of contamination of all drugs and medicines, whether they are sterile or non-sterile, and to implement strict controls to ensure that final products are consistent, safe, effective and predictable.


Graham O'Keeffe

General Manager - Veeva LearnGxP