The research is clear: storytelling increases learner engagement. Unfortunately, regulatory language and SOPs aren’t written in a narrative style. That’s why we create courses that tell stories instead of just reciting dry facts. Our content immerses learners in engaging experiences through scenarios, case studies, and analogies, which enables learners to retain and apply knowledge more effectively.

Cognitive Load

What’s cognitive load? It’s the amount of information that our brains can process, integrate with existing knowledge, and manage in a given timeframe. The more information, facts, and figures you pack into training, the less likely learners will remember the content. How do we lower cognitive load? We organize information into manageable bites, which allows learners to absorb key takeaways and apply crucial concepts.


Our six-point quality check ensures that our content meets high standards:

  1. We collaborate with industry experts to tailor essential information to the needs of learners.
  2. Instructional designers create course blueprints that meet adult learning theory standards.
  3. We meticulously review courses to make sure they are error-free
  4. We employ engaging designs that support the topic
  5. Our content is technically accurate
  6. We ensure our courses are fully functional in an LMS environment.


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Boost your organization’s training with LearnGxP’s Learning Strategy Consultants (LSC). They customize learning paths to match your needs, offering ongoing support for lasting success.

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