Course Accreditation

Setting the Standard: IACET Accreditation for Quality Assurance

We are proud to be an IACET-accredited provider, which means that our policies and processes as instructional design professionals have been thoroughly benchmarked against the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training. Our organization has committed itself to a rigorous accreditation application and review process, ensuring we implement the IACET standards ensuring we implement the standards of IACET in the design, implementation, and maintenance of all of our training content.

Course Design

Immersive Content and Innovative Methodologies

Our courses use proven adult learning methods and innovative designs to ensure engagement, retention, and an enriching experience for all learners.

Learning Content Delivery

Our team of Learning Solution Consultants specializes in guiding your selection of training content and ongoing delivery to your workforce based upon your LMS platform. From delivering to a single site or deployments globally to thousands of learners.

1 Vault Training
Our seamless integration with Vault Training, Veeva’s leading GxP-focused Learning Management System, and compatibility with third-party platforms ensure that your training processes remain streamlined while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.
2 Third Party LMS
LearnGxP integrates with a wide range of third-party Learning Management Systems (LMS). So, if you're not prepared to transition to Vault Training just yet, we've still got you covered.

Course Translation

Breaking Language Barriers for Enhanced Learning Experiences

Our eLearning Localization Translation service helps people learn better by breaking down language barriers. We adapt training content to the learner’s native tongue, ensuring they can understand it. This way, everyone can benefit from the training, regardless of their language. Inclusivity is key to driving better learning outcomes worldwide.

Course Customization

Fulfilling Your Training Needs with Flexibility and Customization

To us, flexibility is paramount. Our courses are provisioned via Vault Training and SCORM Cloud, empowering clients to customize content delivery to suit their unique needs. Whether it’s adapting modules or structuring learning paths, we provide the tools for a tailored training experience.


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Learning Strategy

Boost your organization’s training with LearnGxP’s Learning Strategy Consultants (LSC). They customize learning paths to match your needs, offering ongoing support for lasting success.

Customer Stories

Discover how LearnGxP addresses real challenges, provides effective solutions, and positively impacts our customers’ organizations.