The Fundamentals of Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP)


This course gives you a high-level understanding of Good Laboratory Practices (or GLP) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Not everyone who works for a laboratory performs analytical testing, but every single person plays a part, no matter the role.

For this reason, it’s crucial to understand what GLP is, why it’s so important and how your role impacts GLP compliance.

Curriculum for this course:
Course Introduction
Course Overview 24 secs
What You'll Learn 30 secs
What are Good Laboratory Practices
GLP Definitions 1 min 15 secs
The 4 Key Elements of Good Laboratory Practices
People 32 secs
Premises 21 secs
Processes 17 secs
Procedures 16 secs
The 10 Principles of Good Laboratory Practices
Test Facility Organization and Personnel 15 secs
Quality Assurance Program 18 secs
Facilities 21 secs
Apparatus, Materials and Reagents 32 secs
Test Systems 14 secs
Test and Reference Items 15 secs
Standard Operating Procedures 52 secs
Performance of the Study 12 secs
Reporting of Study Results 36 secs
Storage and Retention of Records and Materials 42 secs
How the FDA Interprets These
Organization and Personnel 27 secs
Facilities 17 secs
Equipment 13 secs
Testing Facilities Operation 21 secs
Test and Control Articles 20 secs
Protocol for and Conduct of a Non-Clinical Lab Study 23 secs
Records and Reports 19 secs
GLP In Action
Why is GLP Compliance Important?
How GLP's Apply to You
Laboratory Analyst 13 secs
Quality Assurance 16 secs
Regulatory Affairs 14 secs
Management 10 secs
Information Technology 22 secs
Facilities 24 secs
Human Resources 18 secs
Real Life Impacts of Not Following GLP's
Situation 30 secs
Action 11 secs
Outcome 11 secs
Global GLP Regulations & Standards
What We Covered 35 secs
Test Your Knowledge
Revision History
Minor course update to improve course functionality. V1.3

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