Fundamentals Series

The Fundamentals of Good Documentation Practice

In this course, learners will explore the foundations of Good Documentation Practices (GDocP), focusing on why documents need to be authentic, accurate, specific, contemporaneous, traceable, and enduring. Examples of methods used to support GDocP are given throughout..

CEU Credits: 0.1
Course Code: ELM-220
Duration: 15 mins
Skill Level: Basic
Language: Chinese (Simplified), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain)
Final Exam: Yes
Certification: Yes
Version: V4.0
Effective Date: 14/02/2024

Curriculum for this course

Course Introduction
1 min 20 secs
What are Good Documentation Practices?
30 secs
What Types of Documents does GDocP Impact?
40 secs
Regulatory Framework
20 secs
Authenticity Aftermath
25 secs
45 secs
Missing Unit Mayhem
30 secs
30 secs
Time Troubles
30 secs
Specific and Consistent
40 secs
Data Delay
30 secs
1 min
Traceability Tangles
1 min
Taceable and Verifiable
1 min 20 secs
Make a Note!
25 secs
Endurance Erosion
30 secs
40 secs


Test Your Knowledge


This course has been redesigned. The redesign includes new learning objectives to align with updated content, as well as a new exam for those objectives. The visual design has been updated as well.
Major course update to version 3.0 to improve quiz content
Course updated to v2.1 on 4/12/2023 to correct version history information
Course updated to v2.0 on 3/27/2023 to fix assessment completion error and broken resources link
Course updated to v1.2 on 2/23/2023 to fix typo in title slide
Course updated to v1.1 on 1/19/2023 to fix voiceover errors and update technical issues
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