Environmental Health and Safety

Laboratory Physical Hazard Identification

Laboratory Hazard Identification is designed to help lab workers recognize common physical dangers within their work environment. Through the power of deduction and their newly learned lab safety knowledge, they will uncover the culprit that turned against their colleagues to commit murder most foul. The course ends with an exam where learners can further demonstrate their grasp of this vital information.

CEU Credits: 0.1
Course Code: EHS-102
Duration: 15 mins
Skill Level: Basic
Language: English
Final Exam: Yes
Certification: Yes
Version: V1.0
Effective Date: 13/12/2023

Curriculum for this course

Course Introduction
25 secs
What You Will Learn
11 secs
Dr. Adelle Oranto: Victim
1 min 21 secs
Beryl Arrans: Victim
1 min 41 secs
Sam Wendel: Victim
1 min29 secs
Remy Vergrain: Suspect
56 secs
Ben Upson: Suspect
1 min 40 secs
Dr. Gina Burger: Suspect
1 min 5 secs
13 secs
25 secs
What We Covered
16 secs

Test Your Knowledge



Ian Nicholls

Director at Explic8


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