Although it is impossible to record or sign data at the moment an action is being performed, it is critical to establish the record as soon as possible after the event occurs, never before.

Never Back Date

Never back date. Back dating, in some cases, can be deemed fraud and it is illegal!

Honesty is always the best policy.

If you forget to record something:

  • Enter the current date
  • Provide a brief explanation (with date of omission, description of why updating, sign / initial and date)
  • Never remove or obliterate any original data
  • Do not fabricate data or intentionally misrepresent it


If the originator is unavailable, it may be possible for the originator’s supervisor /manager to provide the correction; however, this should be done with concurrence with an independent party (e.g., Quality) to minimize the impression of any ‘shady’ activity.

This is a serious, serious matter.

Do not treat it lightly.