Top 10 Benefits of Targeted GxP Compliance Training

GxP training has become a compliance activity and the length of time for onboarding is not sustainable.

To further complicate the problem, organizations need to be brought up to speed quicker to meet business demand.

New people are cycling in at higher rates and from different industries hence the need for a better way to ensure they understand the importance of cGMP.

Reduce Discrepancies and Deviations

Ineffective training can lead to discrepancies in manufacturing which can have devastating impacts not only on patient safety but on the entire business.

LearnGxP’s accredited training ensures that your workforce is effectively trained and qualified to perform their job functions while adhering to the latest regulations. By offering best in class, built for purpose GxP content, directly relevant to the skills of your workforce we are helping our life sciences organizations globally improve their quality culture.

Complex Regulatory Landscape

Our training is designed to help organizations stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, and to provide a reliable source of training content for life sciences professionals which also assists with professional development.

With access to the latest and best practice training content in the life sciences industry, organizations can easily ensure their employees stay up to date on the latest procedures and regulations.

The top 10 benefits of effective GxP training

1. Improved Quality Culture
The bedrock of improving quality culture is based on effective education on key topics consistently

2. Higher Calibre Training
Supplement your SOPs with training that explains “The Why” in a modern way that makes a difference

3. Reduce Training Times & Cost
Get your workforce up to speed quickly with an accessible library of compliance training prebuilt

4. Reduce Workload Burden
Free up valuable training personnel time and allow them to concentrate on business critical items

5. Effective Onboarding
This can have a significant impact on employee retention, engagement, and job satisfaction. It can also help organizations reduce turnover, improve productivity, and enhance their reputation as an employer of choice.

6. Improve Training Strategy
Move from a generic read and understand process to tailored learning plans while developing a broader training strategy

7. Be Inspection Ready
The FDA & other health authorities are inspecting training files beyond SOPs. They are looking at how you are training your staff in a consistent manner in line with regulatory expectations. (21 CFR Part 211.25(a), EudraLex Volume 4: Chapter 2 Personnel, 21 CFR Part 820.25(a))

8. Talent Development
Provide professional development that will enhance skills, knowledge, and expertise, which can lead to increased job satisfaction, career advancement, and improved job performance.

9. Regulatory Surveillance
Our team updates our courses in line with reguluatory changes to ensure your workforce stays compliant.

10. Harmonization
Standardize and align your training programs across different departments, teams, or locations within your organization

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Graham O'Keeffe

General Manager - Veeva LearnGxP