It’s not easy creating engaging online training that adds value.

We know because our clients tell us this all the time.

In this short webinar we will touch on some of the many issues you will face when you start this process.

Such as:

  • Finding subject matter experts
  • Trying to get their time to create content
  • Locating other SMEs to review the content
  • Trying to simply the content
  • Developing a structure for the content
  • Hiring an instructional designer or finding one in-house
  • Hiring voice over artists
  • Finding someone to project manage the whole process
  • Getting IT to help with the deployment and test phase
  • Gathering feedback
  • Revising the course for the next iteration

Remember these are just some of the steps you need to take to create ONE course!

How are you going to continually create new courses?

If this webinar touched on the pain you are currently facing sign up for a demo so we can show you a better way.